You performed a very beautiful and exciting rock. I really enjoyed it. Thank you. You are very tasteful. Your guitar and arrangement are very high quality. Thank you, I will put your music in my playlist🍾❤️
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Playlist Curator United States
'Dreams Always Die at Dawn' begins with a unique vocal performance and then Brave Hearts Factory unleash smooth melodies and stirring vocals that give the track a funky feel.
Music Crowns
Media Outlet-United Kingdom
Hey Brave Hearts Factory, It may of taken you a while to assemble as the band you are now, but it was worth the wait. The sound is so tight, it sounds like a band that has played together for years. White blues with an ambient backdrop engaging the listener and keeping the listener entertained and wanting more. We will of course share to our playlists, we will also add to our social media channels, and on to our website, we have a lot of promotors, labels, music writers who follow us, so we will get you in front of as many as we can.
The Metal Asylum
Radio Sation-United Kingdom
Olá! Curti bastante a sua canção, a energia dela é ótima e o timbre me remete as canções de rock dos anos 80. A pressão sonora do refrão está muito boa. Vou adicionar a canção na minha playlist Indie Rock por um período inicial de 30 dias. Muito obrigado por enviar a sua canção Tudo de bom.
Central Playlist
Thanks for submitting to us. A really cool song hear has some great energy and good vibes that definitely should be shared with an audience that appreciates good music. Mixed very well no issues at all great vocals and instruments played very well.I have added this to our playlist awesome work.
Manager UK
Hi Brave Hearts Factory. What a great song. Lately Italy is surprising us with good sounds in rock, this sounds classic but has some post rock that makes it modern, it sounds awesome. We congratulate you and we will share it for sure. The song will be on Groover's playlist on Spotify and on our 24 hour radio for a month. Best regards from Colombia.
Improvisando Radio
Hello Brave Hearts Factory, how are you? The song is really good and has a lot of energy, a strong point in the song is the great vocal performance, the timbre and range are great. The instrumental is great, I really liked the timbres and energy, great guitars, keys, bass lines and drums, I loved the riffs and solos, congratulations. Song added to the Only Indie Music playlist for three months and shared on Instagram.
Only Indie Music
Don't Run Away is an incredible sound!!! The growing sound presented at the beginning of the song is captivating and conveys a lightness, it's like being in floating space, and suddenly being pushed forward as if by an invisible force. The vocal work is beautiful and very well presented and well placed within the harmonies, at times it was like listening to the band 'Cream' in a more recent version and with a more heavy metal vocalist and full of bass. Solos and arrangements from the 1970s, Brave Hearts Factory brought to our ears a unique and very charismatic, beautiful and exciting sound, which made us listen to the song a few more times just to try to capture the essence and have one of our best musical experiences! Our work is done on Instagram, where we present the bands along with the music sent and added to one of our playlists on Spotify, our recent work, but which we are doing with great care.
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Brazil Playlist Curator
Thanks for submitting your music. Great track! I will add this to our post punk playlist.
United Kingdom
Hello guys, greetings from Chile. This song has interesting atmosphere and tale, the performance has good identity and the general production sounds good, has touches of garage and synths in a good sense works for good. We add it to our playlist "Rock del Mundo" please follow and share it !, good luck and keep rocking
Sello Piola
Hi , The first thing to say is that I loved the song I received, I really enjoyed it from beginning to end, and I think you have an innate talent for this. The musicality, the rhythm and the melody are just perfect, and it is one of the best works I can remember receiving in a long time. Keep putting effort and effort and I am sure that you will get where you propose, I will add you to the top of my playlist. Regards, Painlister
Playlist Curator-Spain
Good morning Braveheart Factory, it is a very interesting song with a great rhythm and great energy. The first thing that caught my attention was the change of rhythm at the beginning of the song that demonstrates its great life and melody. It is a song that represents a lot with great strength and a great rhythm.
KO Music Playlister
Cool tune with good instrumentals. Nice vocals too. Good mix and production. Will add it on my rock and metal music finds playlist
Chris Maragoth

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